FPA International Value Fund

FPA International Value Fund (“FPA Fund”) was reorganized as Phaeacian Accent International Value Fund after the close of the FPA Fund’s business on October 16, 2020.  FPA does not manage, and is not associated with, Phaeacian Accent International Value Fund. Below, please find links to the press release with additional details on the FPA Fund’s reorganization, and the Phaeacian Partners website.

Press Release

Phaeacian Partners Website


Due to this reorganization, the FPA International Value Fund is no longer available for sale and this information and these website links are provided for informational purposes only. The provision of this information and these website links does not constitute or imply an endorsement of the Phaeacian Accent International Value Fund (“Phaeacian Fund”) by the FPA Fund or First Pacific Advisors, LP (“FPA”). Any views and opinions expressed on those third-party websites are those of the portfolio managers to the Phaeacian Fund, Phaeacian Partners LLC, as the adviser to the Phaeacian Fund, and/or Polar Capital Holdings plc, and do not state or reflect those of the FPA Fund or FPA. Past performance is no guarantee, nor is it indicative, of future results. This is not an offer for sale or recommendation of any security, product or service discussed and neither does it provide investment advice. FPA accepts no responsibility or liability for the information on any third-party website. Please also see FPA’s Terms of Use at: https://fpa.com/terms-of-use.